CHRIS SANDSChris Sands is the founder of Total Locally – a branding and marketing toolkit and support network that is a free resource to build stronger communities. While the program began as a task to assist independent high street traders in West Yorkshire to create viable and vibrant towns through collaboration and communication, it has since become a township development framework used around the world with tools to engage residents and business in working together to make the place they live better.  The motto that Chris uses is “Love the Place You Live” and his inspiring talks are about simple ways independent main street businesses and town groups can make their town better. As a self-help initiative Totally Locally also helps to build place identity, community pride and social capital – the glue that holds communities together. A number of common challenges were raised at each workshop which are common around the world. Attached here –  (check link with sue) is a summary of the most common challenges for Town Groups and the tactics Chris suggests we need to consider to respond to them . To find out more about Totally Locally  go to  or see Chris Sand’s blog  . If you like the Totally Locally approach then please Like “Totally Locally Barossa” on Facebook.

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