This China Ready to Export Program continued on Friday the 4th of March at the Jacobs Creek Visitor’s centre with a massive turnout of 40 participants.


With Sean Keenihan giving us an exciting and informative presentation on why small businesses should start to think on a more global scale and leading a panel of experts: Craig Katz, Purus Group; Brian Carr, Light Regional Council;  Jo Podoliak, RDA Murraylands and Riverland and Greg Stirling from Pernod Ricard  – to give us a better idea on how to approach the China market, it really was an information pact session


Sean’s presentation hit on a number of subjects including why we should be doing business in China, the size of the China market, our sister state Shandong, our roadblocks that we will face, as well as the opportunities that are given to small business engaging with the China market. Finally he also presented the new Australia China Business Platform and explained why small businesses should make the effort to get onto it.


The panel took turns discussing their role with the china market and just how much it has opened up opportunities for them. Afterwards they opened up the panels to questions and gave very thorough and informative answers. Overall the Workshop was a massive success and everyone left wiser on how to approach the China market.

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