Nearly 20 local business people were in attendance for the final B2B breakfast of the year.  They engaged in a lively presentation by David Henderson about the core ideas of Lean Thinking for business and how it can assist any business to grow through reduced wastage and increased margin.  David focussed on the importance of Consumer Insight, Design, Leadership and Staff engagement to build lean strategies and create successful and growing business.  This was a surprising change from the normal focus on simple processes and tools to implement lean.  David said than “Lean is about focussing on delivering value to customers and making money when you do it, this involves engaging your Staff and enabling them to create solutions and removing waste from your day to day activities”.  David’s business, Really Clever Solutions, focusses on providing coaching and training to regional SME’s and enable their staff to create and implement effective Lean business strategies.

His presentation, Lean Business, can be viewed online at







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