Kapunda Business Alliance was created to leverage Kapunda’s potential for a prosperous town and stronger community.


By creating a model with aims to:

  • revitalise business in the Kapunda district;
  • encourage business development in Kapunda and district;
  • promote and advertise commercial activity in Kapunda;
  • provide local businesses with the opportunity to have a voice;
  • provide digital means for business to promote Kapunda as a whole;
  • utilise the internet and social media via Facebook; promote tourism as a major element of business;
  • recognise the region as a tourism destination.

Kapunda business alliance is an agreement between groups or businesses with the same motivation and needs, usually motivated by cost reduction, increased business and improved service for the end user.

It is a business relationship, but it’s the people behind the alliance who will make the arrangement work – or not.

Members are assured that the Kapunda Business Alliance Incorporated will work hard to promote our great town to the state and nationwide.

Everyone can and will benefit by grouping together to achieve a common goal.

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Go to www.cometokapunda.com.au now.

Contact Kapunda Business Alliance:

Mail to; kapundabusiness@bigpond.com

Postal address: PO Box 515, Kapunda SA 5373

Via website: http://www.cometokapunda.com.au/index.php/contact

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